Administration Window/Class Admission Pre-Order Poem Pamphlet, CD & Song Album
Welcome to ARK Academy Opening Ceremony!


ARK Academy opening ceremony online

Ceremony starts on August 27, 2022

Ceremony Program Online

Musical Film “Father, I Hear Your Voice” Online Premiere


Meet with the movie director, the Principal of ARK Academy

Poem Reading “My Soul Can See”


Meet with the poet, the Principal of ARK Academy

Song of Salvation Concert & Album "Amazing Love, Amazing Grace"


Meet with Gospel song writer, the Principal of ARK Academy

"Healing Prayer Journey"


Meet and Pray with the Principal of ARK Academy for God's Healing


Come, Come to

“Healing Prayer Journey"
pray and worship with Ling Ling Shi.
In music, in prayer, in praise with grateful hearts,
let’s experience together God’s healing on our hearts and bodies,
and give our thanks and love to God, the Creator of the Universe!!!

Gardening your heart with heavenly wisdom and knowledge!

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