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To purchase, Click the book

ARK Academy-Garden of Dance

Class Starts in 2024-2025

Dancing In Heavenly Melody


---A Joyful Dancing Garden for People around the World---

English Dancing Instruction

Video Class

Tuition: Free

Class Administration Fee: $30/month

Appreciate the Amazing Creation of Human Body
Physical and Spiritual Body Enjoyment and Meditation

Choreographer/Dancing Instructor:

Ling Ling Shi

Ling Ling Shi Welcomes You!

Enjoy the Musical Film "Father, I Hear Your Voice"

I am amazed and grateful for God’s natural creation, after my in-depth journey in exploring the science studies and discoveries about human body, I am amazed and in awe!

Day by day, thinking from heavens, earth and their perfect vast array to the trillions of cells, highly intelligent human organs and systems in human body, I see the Universe both in nature and in human’s bodies, I see God’s amazing creation and His everlasting love. I want to thank God in every day, every moment and in everything.

Dancing In Heavenly Melody is the moment and time, my soul and spirit and my body and the trillions of amazing cells in my body-my little friends to express our gratitude to Heaven, to God, it is the moment when I and nature come together to praise our Creator of the Universe, our Loving God!

This Dancing in Heavenly Melody moment is joyful moment, is healing moment, is health building moment, is grateful moment.

As the Principal of ARK Academy, a person who loves music, singing, and dancing, who likes choreography since childhood and youthhood, now, I want to share with the people around the world the dancing in my heart.

Every month, I will teach one dance. The Dancing in Heavenly Melody Class Admission/Administration Window will open in 2024, stay tuned.

The world needs heavenly music, needs heavenly dancing, needs heavenly joy, needs heavenly healing, needs heavenly blessings, let’s come together, to bring the goodness to the world.

Let’s Dance in Heavenly Melody, send our joy and grateful hearts to God who created the Heavens and the earth, all natures and humankind.

Enter Dancing Garden

(will start in 2024-2025)

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