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Run for God’s Heart and America’s Freedom

Ling Ling Shi is Launching a Campaign for U.S. Senator 2024

“I have no money, no silver and gold to run U.S. Senator,
But, I have ‘Healing America Prayer Journey’ for America
to stand up and walk in Righteousness and Justice!
I believe the Power of Prayer!”
The "Healing America Prayer Journey" started in 2008,
though it is a lonely journey, but I see God's Holy Presence!
Come, join
“Healing America Prayer Journey” with Ling LIng Shi
in 2023 on Youtube & in Public Parks
For schedules and locations, stay tuned!

As an independent candidate for U.S. Senator in 2016 & 2018 California Primary Election,
run for God’s Heart and America’s Freedom, Ling Ling Shi is going to run again!

With A 17-Page Message Poem:

My Soul Can See


With Four Books:

Build An American ARK

---the Strategy and Method for U.S. Economic Revival---


Deliver the Urgent Messages for America

---The Urgency for U.S. Economic System Reform---


The U.S. Constitution

The Holy Bible


Ling Ling Shi’s campaign for U.S. Senator 2024 will

Rekindle the Hope of America

Bring the Heavenly Healing Medicines to the land of America!

The greatest truths are the simplest

Behold, the heavenly healing medicines for America are here!

Run for God’s Heart and America’s Freedom and speak
the truth for America’s Awakening, Healing, Unity and Peace are the mission
of Ling Ling Shi’s campaign for U.S. Senator 2024.

Poet and Author Ling Ling Shi, who wrote over 10,000 prayer letters to God in the past 17 years,
will share God-given profound visions and messages for U.S. with all people in the land of America.

May we understand a simple principle “The greatest truths are the simplest” and apply this simple principle in our lives and in U.S. Government laws and policy making, operations and
managements at all levels.

Ling Ling Shi's Public Letter to Americans and U.S. Leaders

Your supports to Ling Ling Shi are deeply appreciated,
let’s run together for America’s future and life!

Sending Message Poem "My Soul Can See" to
U.S. Leaders and People Through Your Media

“My Soul Can See” is a 17-page Message Poem, a poem given to Ling Ling Shi by God in November 2008,
a poem with the messages of Awakening and Healing,
Unity and Peace for America and the world.

This 17-page poem is a visionary poem that expresses a prayer of hundreds of U.S. congressmen and congresswomen praying to God.

May this poem bring the heavenly healing medicines to the land of America!

May we see this day in America, and see this day soon!

Click here to read the poem and send the poem.

“Challenge 10 Giant Chaos in U.S. Political and Economic Sectors” is coming soon, stay tuned for this weekly program!

Preview these 10 sectors and Ling Ling Shi’s advocacies,
please visit:

Poem "My Soul Can See"-Written and Reading by Ling Ling Shi

Ling Ling Shi’s Profile


1983 graduated from:

Civil Aviation University of China (Tianjin, China)

 (Formerly: Civil Aviation Institute of China)

  Major: Aviation Communication Engineering

  1987 graduated from:

  Shanghai Polytechnic University (Shanghai, China)

  (Formerly: Shanghai Second Polytechnic University)

  Major: Automation System

  Academic Degree: Electrical Engineering (EE)

  Year 1988: University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia, USA)

  Major: ESL-English as a second language program

  1990 graduated from:

  Northrop University (Los Angeles, USA)

  Major: Financing and Accounting

  Academic Degree: MBA

  Year 2015: Liberty University (Lynchburg, Virginia, USA)

  Major: M. Div: Academy Theology program

  Published Books:

  Poet, Author and Gospel Song Writer Ling Ling Shi, has published two books: “Build An American ARK-
  The strategy and method for U.S. Economic Revival” “Deliver the Urgent Messages-The Urgency for U.S.
  Economic System Reform” The part of Ling Ling Shi’s poems, songs, musical movie, articles and academic
  essays are published on

  Working Experiences:

  In China:

  1983-1988 January: Shanghai Civil Aviation College (Shanghai, China)

  Aviation Communication Engineering Teacher

  In USA:

  Ling Ling Shi has worked as accountant, insurance agent, importer, retailer, newspaper publisher,
  commercial producer & director, TV program director, song writer, screenplay writer, vocational coach
  for disabled people etc.

  Church Service:

  2013-Present:   Christian Sunday Children School Teacher (Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA)

  Present Career:

  The Founder and Designer of
  The Founder of “Wells ARK, Inc”
  The Principal of “ARK Academy”, an international Online Learning Center on

Song of Salvation Concert

Amazing Love, Amazing Grace

Ling Ling Shi Songs and Testimony

Live Concert, 2010
Sharing the Gospel of Salvation with people around the world!
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