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---ARK Academy & Wells Network---

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For Millions of People to Have Delightful Jobs and Careers

Simple, Essential, Short Intensive Training, Easily Start, ARK-Supported, Home & Community Based
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A Letter

from the website founder Ling Ling Shi

To purchase, Click the book

To purchase, Click the book

Dear Friend,

I am Ling Ling Shi, the founder and designer of and the author of two books “Build An American ARK-the strategy and method for U.S. Economic Revival”, “Deliver the Urgent Messages for America-The Urgency for U.S. Economic System Reform”.

With an Aviation Communication System Engineering teacher’s technical and education background, MBA in Finance and Accounting, diverse experiences in different industries, and an amazing dream to build a comprehensive website platform which
can imitate and enhance human beings essential living, working, growing, communication, education, business, knowledge and wisdom with simple, harmonious, creative, beautiful, upright and dynamic environment and system, I stepped onto a journey to build in year 2008. In the past 12 years, I planted my seed of faith of building Wells ARK website in a fertile field that drink the rains from heaven and work in the field like a farmer. Little by little, step by step, and year by year, I put the colorful and beautiful puzzles together to build it. With my very little personal financial resources and the beautiful dreams planted in my heart, with the faith and hope and love, now, Wells ARK website has grown up like a little flower tree, like a lily flower that blooms in the field.  

For the sake of millions of people, as easy as 1-2-3 receive essential and practical education, useful living and working skill training, delightful career and business, serve communities and receive rewards from their honorable services, I have planned to start website last phase’s building-“ARK Academy” and “Wells Network” in 2022, turn its blue print into practical working platforms and launch this website to serve more people around the world.

I believe that by working together, we can extinguish the doom and gloom situation of massive unemployment and joblessness around the world, we can make the world a better place to live and to fulfill human being’s ultimate awesome dream and purpose.

May “Wells ARK” website be an interactive platform under the network environment to promote the harmony of individuals, family and society as well as to enhance their spiritual realm; May “Wells ARK” website become a fruitful and blessing garden of wisdom and knowledge for people of all ages; May “Wells ARK” website be an assembling place of communications of businesses; May “Wells ARK” website be a beautiful and wonderful interactive platform between God and his children on earth; May “Wells ARK”  website be like a bridge of Hope to carry us to the realm of Joy, Peace, Faith and Love in God!!!

Thank you!

Faithful and Truly,

Ling Ling Shi
California, U.S.A


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