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Revival Indeed! By Author: Ling Ling Shi

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When the economic crisis happened, the U.S.A and the rest of the world were shaken. From leaders and law makers to economists, from extraordinary business executives to ordinary people, from business giants to small businesses, everyone has been brought into the economic wars someway and somehow.

As a follower of Jesus Christ and being carried by the Love of God, I stepped on the amazing writing journey with Faith and Hope.

Build An American ARK will bring you on a tour from spiritual realm to physical realm to reveal the hope of revival in the U.S.A., to explore the new era's economic strategy and method to overcome the crises, to turn the economic chaos to cosmos!

Build An American ARK will show you the treasures in the darkness to fulfill our Godly prosperity!

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life"

(John: 3:16)

I have worked as an engineering teacher, accountant, insurance agent, importer, retailer, newspaper publisher, commercial producer & director, TV program director, song writer, screenplay writer etc. When I started to write Build An American ARK, I began to understand more deeply my favorite Bible verse:

"Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure."

(Matthew: 11:26)

I often think that my life "flies with the winds." I believe whether the winds come from north or south, east or west, they will blow me to the destiny which my Lord has designed for me.

As the founder and chief editor of website www.wellsnetwork.com, I welcome you and hope to see you there.

- Ling Ling Shi, author


A greeting from Ling Ling to Americans and U.S. Leaders

Theme I: Discover the Treasure of U.S.A.

Introduction: Touching by a banner

  • Ling Ling's testimony and hope
  • Inspiration from U.S. President Inauguration
  • U.S.A. is an amazing country
  • Build up a harmonious relationship between states and churches

Theme II: It is the time to Build an American ARK

  • Advocacy
  • Structure and Function
  • An American ARK vs. Free capital

    market & Existing system.

Theme III: Explore An American ARK

Part one: Explanations of five networks:

  • An American ARK Medical & Health care Network.
  • An American ARK City Transportation Network.
  • An American ARK City Revival Construction Network.
  • An American ARK Education Aids Network.
  • An American ARK Financial Institution Network.

Part two: Introduction of seven networks

  • An American ARK Light Industries Network.
  • An American ARK Heavy Industries Network.
  • An American ARK House Investment & Development Network.
  • An American ARK Elder Care & Living Garden Network.
  • An American ARK Preschool & Kindergarten Network.
  • An American ARK Orphan Garden Network.
  • An American ARK Campus Healthy Food Supply Network.

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