Build An American ARK Campaign 2009

Called by the Lord,
Ling Ling Shi,
a follower of Jesus Christ, a U.S. citizen,
stepped onto an amazing writing journey from the beginning of November 2008,
to write the book of

Build An American ARK

The strategy and method for U.S. economic revival!

Build An American ARK will let Americans and leaders see Jesus' love and care for the U.S. nation, to have hope for this nation and God’s people in the midst of economic storms, to get spiritual revival and physical revival indeed, to enter into the promised land with Godly prosperity!

Build An American ARK will lead the U.S. nation and Americans into building a healthy economic system and live in blessing!

Build An American ARK has been sent to
Mr. President Obama,
Mr. Vice President Biden,
and other leaders
to deliver the message of Jesus' love to our nation,
to share the economic revival strategy and method with U.S. leaders and Americans in our nation's crisis time.
Lord Jesus Christ is our nation's foundation!
Let's stand on the Rock of Ages!

Build An American ARK will let you see how God uses a very ordinary life for this extraordinary writing task for our nation's spiritual and physical revival, will show you the projects which cover our nation's medical and health care, financial institution, mass transportation, education, light and heavy industries, housing and city development etc systems.

Build An American ARK will extinguish unemployment nationwide, supply decent standard medical and health care to all Americans without burden either to the people or to the government, establish nationwide mass transportation with the benefit to the people, states and domestic auto industries, re-balance the nation's deficits, secure the American's life with quality, satisfaction, positive motivation, lead Americans to the realm of Godly prosperities!

Build An American ARK will benefit all Americans no matter how rich or poor, strong or weak, majority or minor, young or old.
Amazing Love and Amazing Grace made this book possible to be written by an ordinary U.S. citizen.
How great our Hope in God is!

Build An American ARK-The strategy and method for U.S. economic revival will be carried by
Ling Ling Shi to any place led by the Lord Jesus Christ, to give her testimony on the amazing writing journey,
to comfort and encourage the children of God
to stand up, to work out , to overcome all kinds of obstacles and to win the economic battles
and spiritual battles!

Now, the book is available at,,,

"For God so love the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him
shall not perish but have eternal life."
(John 3:16)

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