Deliver the Urgent Messages for America to Washington D.C.
U.S. leaders and Americans

BUILD AN AMERICAN ARK Advocacy Campaign 2014
#3 and #4 Messages to Americans and U.S. leaders

Build An American ARK advocacy #3 Message:

To urge U.S. government to reform and adjust the existing economic system by establishing policies which are more fair, just, and following
the free capital

market principles.

Build An American ARK advocacy #4 Message:

To establish a tax-1-2-3 simplified and transparent policy and administration system according to the Truth of God so that individual,
families and private enterprises’ tax burdens can be reduced, the existing tax procedures can be simplified, and the government
operational cost can be reduced tremendously. An all-win situation can be reached.

As a servant of Lord Jesus Christ, a dream that comes from the urgent messages for U.S. economic system reform encourages Ling Ling to run the race in faith and hope and love for America’s tomorrow:

“Turning U.S. government tax revenues into the lakes of love and the rivers of blessing to benefit all people living in this beautiful and amazing land, a land of brave and freedom and dream, a land carried on the wings of Faith, Hope and Love, a nation built on the foundation of Christianity, by the Mercy, Forgiveness, Guidance, Grace and Love from Almighty God”

The book "Deliver the Urgent Messages for America-The Urgency for U.S. Economic System Reform" is on the way!

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