Song of Salvation
Ling Ling Shi's songs & story

Father's Day, 1997, Ling Ling received a bunch of lilies flower in a dream.
The dream gave Ling Ling a new name "Lily".

November 28, 1999, Ling Ling met with him who gave the bunch of lilies
flower to her in the dream-Lord Jesus Christ and she accepted him as
personal Savior and Lord in that very morning after years
longing and journey for the Truth.

From that day on, Ling Ling received new song one after another from
Lord Jesus Christ and stepped onto an amazing journey to write the
Musical "Song of Salvation" and sowed a beautiful mustard seed of making
the movie "Song of Salvation" in her heart.

Lilies of the Valley, a beautiful flower dream changed Ling Ling's life.

June 19, 2010, "Song of Salvation" Concert Premiere has been held on San
Gabriel Mission Playhouse as a first blooming lily flower.

Now, the lily flower is blooming continually by the Love of
Lord Jesus Christ. May the sweet fragrance of "Lilies of the Valley" carry
you to the realm of the God's love and blessing.

Concert Producer: Ling Ling Shi
Director & Host : Ling Ling Shi
Performing Group: Ling Ling Shi & Lilies of the Valley Choir

Concert Location: Will be announced.
Concert Time: Will be announced. If have any question, please Contact Us.

Amazing Love, Amazing Grace

Ling Ling Shi Songs and Testimony

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