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Praise the Lord.
Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in his commands. (Psalm:112:1)
Ling Ling's poem-God loves me

"Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men.
Let them sacrifice thank offerings and tell of his works with songs of joy"
(Psalm 107:21~22)

God Loves Me

*** By Ling Ling Shi ***

I deeply know God loves me,
this understanding and feeling cannot be described by simple words,
this is the understanding and feeling inside my soul,
it richly comforts my heart which is in deep sorrow.

I often think, God loves me deeply as well as I love Him,
where does the suffering which can put me and throw me to death,
and make me lose my desire to live in this world come from
and for what reasons?

I search for the reasons,
I know it is mystery for human beings somehow,
it is difficult for me to find the answer just like to find the mystery of the Universe!

Where did it come from, where does it expand?
how huge it is, is there any bordering?
what is the space outside the bordering?

Whenever I look up at the sky,
to seek the answers,
I give up asking such unsearchable things,
and I keep them in my heart with trust and faith.
I believe, one day, after I arrive at my heavenly home,
my Lord Jesus, who paid the price on the Cross, who wants to bring me home, will give me a
tour in the Heavenly Museum of Faith,

at that time,
I will find the answers which I seek in my whole life!

God loves us,
this is the Love without condition and limitation,
but, how can we allow our sins to consistently insult the Holy Love from God,
because the Love is unconditional and unlimited?
No, No, we can't!

Sins separated us from God for thousands years,
but, He misses us and cares for us, just like we never stop seeking
the unknown eternal home in the past thousands years.

this eternal consciousness,
He planted in human beings’ hearts.
Even though, our hearts and souls were put in the flesh,
driven out from the heaven,
this eternality is like a computer chip,
God planted it in to our hearts and souls,
let us never stop seeking our soul destiny, our heavenly home.
also, it lets the communication stations in our heavenly home,
never lose contact from us, always know and update our journey.

God stands in the headquarter of heavenly communication stations,
never gives up His hope on us, never loses His attention on us,
He sends message and signal by antenna, points to the frequency on
my computer chip which be planted to my heart and soul by Him,
to search and seek my journey and path.
such unforgettable mind within Him to a flesh in the world,
what's it for?
is that because the heaven needs me?
No, the heaven does not lack of anything!
only, because He loves me, He doesn't want to lose me forever!

He sent Himself down to the earth, died for my sins,
at the cross, He paid high price by Himself for me, for me!
He doesn't demand anything from me,
because I never can afford His sacrifice at the Cross for me.
Even I can give Him the whole world,
it can't compare with what He gave to me, Himself!
Furthermore, all in the world belong to Him,
so, I have nothing to pay back for His sacrifice.
He knows, no matter how rich I am,
I am poor and lack indeed!
So, He requests nothing from me,
but Believe Him in Faith!
He will take the responsibilities to mold me,
and make me as a born-again child with great Hope.

When I lift up my heart and soul to the Cross,
confess my sins, recognize His Love,
He embraces me with His loving arms.

He said to me: My child,
put yourself and your burdens on me, don't be scared,
I will rebuild your life, I will refresh your soul,
someday, let you come back to the heavenly home
which you have missed, sought and wondered for a long time.

My child, it is right,
There is an eternal destiny indeed,
for which, human beings have sought and cried out for thousands years.
It is not nonsense, it is true,
that's me, your God,
put the eternity and the desire in your heart and soul.

I look at my God with unceasing tears,
from His eyes, I know, He loves me so deeply, He cares for me so deeply,
He has suffered for me for a long time when I was slipped, fallen and living in sins.
His sorrow can be seen from the scars on His hands and feet.

I said to Him: My God,
please accept my confess and my pray,
please cleanse my sins which separated us and against You,
let me someday, my heart and my soul, become holy to take the kingdom’s assignment,
to stand in the holy land in the heaven!

He embraces me again with His loving arms,
He tells me again with His caring:
My child, don't fear the evil one,
remember, I created you,
I know the way to lead you to the blessing road.

Remember, it is impossible for you to conquer the sins,
but, with my powers, everything is possible!
Do you believe?
I nodded my head and said: Father, I believe! Because You love me so deeply!

He shook my hands and said:
My child, don't forget praying,
my receiver for you in heaven, always be set up on your own frequency,
remember, forever, forever, forever, I love you!

Oh, this everlasting Love,
how much it moved my heart to tears;
Oh, this everlasting Love,
how much it encouraged me to just live for Him, my God,
to break myself or be broken by Him for receiving the Godly new life.
This new life is the Grace from God,
this new life is the equipment for my soul to arrive at my heavenly home!

Oh, my God, I found you,
though, I am full of scars and dirt,
You will heal me, You will cleanse me,
because, You love me so deeply!


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