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Holy Bible Reading & Handwriting Garden

Starts in Summer 2024

Bible Verses reading, memorizing, understanding, handwriting and contest
Welcome you to join the “Heavenly Athlete Club”

Let’s run together!

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Welcome Children and Adults!
Bible Reading & Handwriting Garden is designed and planted for helping and cultivating both children and adults to develop a good daily habit of Holy Bible learning and to live in a Bible-loving lifestyle. The Principal of ARK Academy Ling Ling Shi will host this joyful time. The procedures of the class are:

1. The Principal of ARK Academy will give a brief introduction to the Holy Bible verses that we are going to learn that day.

2. We will read, memorize, understand, and handwrite one Holy Bible verse selected from the “Weekly 7 Holy Bible Verses”.

All heavenly Athletes, get a pen and paper ready, let’s Read the Holy Bible and Handwrite the Holy Bible, together, immerse into the ocean of God’s Word.

Class Admission:
Free Public Learning Garden, Tuition Free!
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