Holy Bible Reading & Handwriting Garden

Coming in the Summer-Autumn 2022

Bible Verses reading, memorizing, understanding, handwriting and contest
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Bible Reading & Handwriting Garden is designed and planted for helping and cultivating both children and adults to develop a good daily habit of Holy Bible learning and to live in a Bible-loving lifestyle. The Principal of ARK Academy Ling Ling Shi will host this joyful time. The procedures of the Zoom class are:

1. The Principal of ARK Academy will give a brief introduction to theHoly Bible verses that we are going to learn that day.

2. We will read, memorize, understand, and handwrite one Holy Bible verse selected from the “Weekly 7 Holy Bible Verses”.

All heavenly Athletes, get a pen and paper ready, let’s Read the Holy Bible and Handwrite the Holy Bible, together, immerse into the ocean of God’s Word.

Registration/Class Admission:
Tuition: free
Registration/Administration Fee: $10/month
(No refund)
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