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Dear musicians both vocals and instruments, performing artists, filming artist, talents, dreamers, young or old, children or adults, students or professionals, Ling Ling Shi’s dream epic musical and movie projects are waiting for you, check the opportunities where your talents may shine, share your gifts and joy with the people around the world through epic musical and movie. Let dream, poem, music, song and dancing carry us to the year of 2022!

Rise Up and Shine and Leap!

Song of Salvation epic musical My Soul Can See

A Great Show and Feast of Arts Will Begin!

Let's Dance in the Joy and Sing Song of Salvation!

Casting Performing Artists to perform

the U.S. Congressman/Congresswoman for Epic Musical

“My Soul Can See” is a 17-page Message Poem given to Ling Ling Shi
by God 12 years ago, a poem with the messages of Awakening and Healing,
Unity and Peace to America and the world.

Poet Ling Ling Shi, a servant of Lord Jesus Christ, has transformed it to a musical.

This 17-page poem is a visionary poem that expresses a prayer of hundreds of U.S. congressmen and congresswomen prayer to God.

May we see this day in America, and see this day soon!

If you are interested to perform as a congressman/congresswoman in "My Soul Can See" Musical,
please contact the poet and producer at

Filming will begin around the Summer 2022.

**A Vision From Ling Ling Shi**

That was in the morning of the second Sunday after I started writing my first book “Build An American ARK” in November 2008,
the sun was just rising from the horizon, the Holy Spirit’s compassion and love filled me. My heart received this poem, which was
flowing into my heart like a gentle stream. From morning to afternoon, during those several memorable and precious hours, I used
my hands to collect the poetry from the Holy Spirit and wrote it down. Now, I am going to present this unusual and amazing 17
pages poem and share with Americans and the U.S. leaders.

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