Rekindle the Hope

Journey of Prayer and Worship

Run for God's Heart and America's Freedom

From west to east, from south to north with unceasing prayer and music


Ling Ling, a servant of the Lord, is preparing a Journey of Prayer and
Worship in America.

May our fervent Prayer and Worship from our hearts tell the world
the amazing Love and amazing Grace of Jesus Christ!

May our fervent Prayer and Worship strengthen us and encourage our faith
and to run a victorious race for our God!

May our fervent Prayer and Worship bring the heavenly healing and blessing
to our families, our young generation, our schools, our communities, our leaders and government, our churches of Jesus Christ and the whole nation.

May the heavenly songs bring us to the heart of Prayer and Worship again!

Halleluiah           I love You, Lord             In Moment Like This
How Great Thou Art        Above All          You Are My Hiding Place   
Faithful One         Amazing Love, Amazing Grace


“The LORD, the LORD, is my strength and my song, He has become my Salvation”
(Isaiah 12:2-3)

Amazing Love, Amazing Grace

Music Lyric and Singing by: Ling Ling Shi

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