Rainbow Bridge

ARK Talent Show Platform

Let your talent shine and leap!

Coming Soon, Stay Tuned!


“ARK Talent Show Time”

---with Versatile Artists---

(Starts in Summer 2024)

In the Garden, “Painters Show, Musicians Show, Fashion Designers Show
--- Diverse Talents Live Show”---
will bring the joy and hope and love to communities-ARK visitors, ARK friends! In the Garden, among the flowers, trees, the mountain views, the gentle breeze---,
Artists will share with you their gifts from heaven, and inspire you.
Let your beautiful dreams blossom too!

Oh, Come, you wonderful children of God, come to this Talents' Garden and
your show platform,
and immerse in the Ocean of Love and hope and Joy!

Coming Soon in 2024, be prepared to become one of the Artists, Shine and Leap!

ARK Talent Show Time will be published here, stay tuned!

See you in the Garden!

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