Revival Indeed
Advocacy of Ling Ling Shi
  1. To bring back the teaching of the Holy Bible, the Truth of God, and the Gospel of God to the U.S. public schools, as a priority course in the K - 12 grades' curriculum.

    The Holy Bible is the record of the Word of God and the Truth of God. It is not like the texts or religious rules of other existing religions on earth. Neither is it a superstition that confuses people. The Holy Bible is above all the book in the world. It was written over the span of thousands of years by God-chosen prophets and Lord Jesus' disciples, who were inspired by the Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Bible is a collection of family letters that God meant for His children to read and to abide by. The Bible is an everlasting living book from God.

    The Holy Bible establishes the laws and decrees for human lives through the histories of man's interactions with God. If mankind follows and lives by the Holy Bible, then mankind's life will be purified and tested through the fire and water of the living Truth of God. The Truth of God will bring mankind back to God's blessings with all kinds of beauties and TRUE freedom as enjoyed by Adam and Eve before they fell to sin. Moreover, by the Cross and Blood of Jesus Christ, and the Grace of His Salvation, mankind who believes in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, will be redeemed, saved and transformed by the Lord and receive the eternal life.

    The Holy Bible is the treasured source of all human knowledge and is the touchstone of life. It is the first book of wisdom that every person on earth should know and learn. With the direction and guidance of the Holy Bible, together with the leadership of the living God Himself, people can line up with the Word of God, walk in the light of Truth, and receive rich blessings in God's kingdom.

    Children are the future of our families and nation. Whether or not they can live righteous and uplifting lives, whether or not they can become blessings to their families, society and country, all depends entirely on whether or not they understand the Truth of God and walk in it. The best love we can give to our children is to love and care for their souls' health and wealth. The best love we can give to our children, which is also our undeniable responsibility, is to teach them to know that their lives are created by God and they need to appreciate it. We also need to teach them that their lives are meaningful and purposeful when they live in the kingdom of God's truth.

    Let Americans and the U.S. government pay a serious attention to this key issue, which is to let our young generation know the importance of the Truth of God when they are young, to urge the U.S. government to set up policies, guiding rules and to create a healthy growing environment for our young generation and families based on the Truth of God, is my advocacy.

  2. To enhance a harmonious relationship between the state and church of Jesus Christ. State and church both represent different operational and management systems, one is in charge the physical realm, one is in charge the spiritual realm, but these two systems need to keep a harmonious relationship based on the Truth of God in order to reach a state of mutual support, mutual help and mutual respect and to fulfill God's ordained responsibilities for the sake of God and God's children. This is my advocacy.

  3. To urge the government to reform and adjust the existing economic system by establishing policies which are more fair, just, and following the free capital market principles. This is my advocacy.

  4. To establish a tax-1-2-3 simplified and transparent policy and administration system according to the Truth of God so that individual Americans' and private enterprises' tax burdens can be reduced, the existing tax procedures can be simplified, and the government operational cost can be reduced tremendously. An all-win situation can be reached. This is my advocacy.

  5. To urge the U.S. government to use and manage America's wealth, the tax payers' money, more rationally and efficiently, to reform U.S. economy policy according to the Truth of God is my advocacy.

    Standing on the foundation of Truth of God, driven by the momentum of love and responsibilities, "Build An American ARK" , a book was written by me under the calling of Jesus Christ in the beginning of Nov. 2008 and finished by the Grace and Love of Lord Jesus, will help Americans and U.S. leaders reach the goal through innovative approaches and practices in 12 key economic sectors. By faith, hard working and steady steps in development, "Build An American ARK" will help U.S. to fulfill the dream of national medical and health care indeed, extinguish the jobless nation wide, establish a new financial system which benefit Americans and nation, build up a broad transportation system which can benefit Americans and nation, build up a education aids system to help our young generation and families, establish an elder care system with love and joy, eliminate the nation's deficits through positive activities, and more!

    May U.S. revival indeed and walk into a secured and blessed future!

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