"But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

Coming in Autumn 2025

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WellsARK.com Worldwide Business Programs
to establish your decent career/business with dignity and satisfaction!
Wells ARK Hub
Wells ARK Hub Trainer
Establishing Creative Business-Let your talent shine

are special designed 3 business programs for the students of ARK Academy. These 3 programs can help ARK Academy students to establish career/business without heavy financial burdens and business development barriers. For more detail regarding the dream and blueprint of the founder of Wells ARK.com, please click here. Wells ARK believes that the message from Ling Ling Shi’s letter will bring you strength, hope, and a glimmer of life’s blessing both in spiritual realm and in physical realm. The qualification and procedure for applying WellsARK.com career opportunities:

Wells ARK Hub:

1. Join ARK Academy 2 hours free zoom class: WellsARK.com Tour-Discover “WellsARK.com” & Student Career Opportunity.

Send your request for joining this class to: info@wellsark.com, we will inform you the time, meeting ID and password. Zoom class registration is required.

2. A recommendation letter from an ARK Academy student.

3. Join ARK Academy 5 training classes: Wells ARK Hub Platform & Operation-business ethic, authorized programs (in Education, Arts & Books, Fashion, Events, and Community Business Representative), Hub operation, Marketing, Accounting.
5 Training Classes Tuition: $1,000

Wells ARK Hub Trainer:

By Wells ARK.com appointment only

Establishing Creative Business-Let your talent shine:

Become an ARK Academy student by joining ARK Academy 5 training classes for Wells ARK Hub. WellsARK.com will help ARK Academy students who have artistic and creative talents to promote their firsthand and original creation/products.

Free Public Class

WellsARK.com Tour-Discover “WellsARK.com & Student Career Opportunity.

Coming Soon, Stay Tuned!

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