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Amazing Love, Amazing Grace (Music Lyric and Singing by: Ling Ling Shi)

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Song of Salvation


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My Soul Can See

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Song of Salvation

Drawing America

Documentary Filming will start in 2023

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 Song of Salvation

---Drawing America---

Introduction of Song of Salvation Documentary

    Song of Salvation documentary “Drawing America” is written by the visionary and inspirational writer Ling Ling Shi based on the “Holy Bible”, “The U.S. Constitution”, Ling Ling Shi’s two books which present the messages and heavenly wisdom medicines given by God- “Deliver the Urgent Messages for America”, “Build An America ARK”.

    This documentary will analyze and solve America’s unsolvable puzzles and chaos both in economy and politics; this documentary “Drawing America” will convey the upright energy of Time and speak the Truth to America and the entire world; this documentary will wake up governments and people, and bring the hope from above into this troubled world, a world filled with crisis.

    Through the arts of movie, the documentary “Drawing America” will explore and reveal profound lessons and lifeblood to Americans and the people around the world from the perspectives of 10 economic and political sectors, it will draw the blueprints of reform with great light for American’s today and tomorrow.

    In Taxation sector: establishing a simplified and transparent taxation system to release and cut the tax burdens from all, from individuals to families and business entities, to reduce and cut government’s expenditures and deficits tremendously; In Banking and Financing sector: establishing real taxpayers owned Central Bank to manage people’s money; In Medical and Health sector: to build what we need by taxpayers’ money, to create a nationwide healthy and strong hospitals and clinics network to serve and benefit all people directly, rather than using Insurance system; and releasing and cutting the medical and healthcare financing burdens from all in America; In Social Security sector: providing secured and burden free Social Security System for all elders, disabled, widows, orphans and the poor through creative and active methods; In Employment and Unemployment sector: extinguishing nationwide unemployment through active approaches to create enough jobs, to care and help jobless families with effective and sincerely programs, rather than using UI system-a short term insurance system. In Education sector: providing financial burden free education system for all children and young people through wise management and application of education funds. In addition, giving real second chance to those who are lost or held by justice system; bringing back the teaching of the Holy Bible to public schools K-12 and giving children the best love of life, the love from God; In U.S. Domestic Industry & import sector: promoting and protecting domestic industries and small businesses, reducing domestic industry tax burdens and simplifying business regulatory procedures and system; In War & Homeland Security sector: protecting all veterans and families’ lives and respecting their sacrifices by providing unconditional supporting in jobs, medical and health care, education and other living needs; In Immigration sector: protecting U.S. immigration upright purposes and positive intention, preventing the penetration of international corruption forces into our land; In Election & Lobbyists sector: establishing clean and just political elections and legislation systems based on the U.S. Constitution’s Principle, to set U.S. leaders free from money bondages and dangers of corruption, and to eliminate lobbyist system.

    The history of America, the crisis and chaos of present, the looming future of destruction are speaking the truth and giving Americans sound alarms; the crucial lessons and experiences, the urgent messages, are crying out for Americans to wake up and pay serious attention; the heavenly wisdom and upright knowledge and the word from above, give Americans and people around the world the true hope for all humanity. United together, to build the wall of the Truth in our nation is the only way to bring America back to right path and to fulfill American dream articulated by American founding fathers in the U.S. Constitution.

    To propel America to become a nation which can please God-the Creator of the Universe, to be truly blessed by God, to glorify God and to become blessings to the entire world, to become truly the light of the world and salt of the earth, shine like a star in the universe in this depraved generation is the heart of this documentary.

    Song of Salvation is a tree of Faith. From a little mustard seed to this little tree, she deeply experienced God’s amazing love and amazing grace.

    The dreams carried out by this documentary are flowers breathing in God’s Love. May the flowers reflecting the heavenly beauty and wisdom for all humanity blossom in the hearts and in the fields.

    Song of Salvation---Drawing America welcomes leaders, people, communities, organizations and business entities to join this amazing filming project, let your talents and wisdom and dreams and voices shine, let our upright legacy to be carried on from generation to generation!

“But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere” (James 3:17)


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