Ling Ling Shi Vision & Causes 中文-方舟建设

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To purchase, Click the book


Ling Ling Shi welcomes you to ARK Academy

Introduction of ARK Academy 2022 Classes

Ling Ling Shi was born in Jiangsu Province, China. She graduated from Civil Aviation University of China in 1983 with a major of Aviation Communication System and became an Aviation Communication Engineering teacher in an aviation college under CAAC. In the year 1988, she came to United States of America as a foreign student to seek higher education. Year 1990, she received MBA in Financing and Accountant from Northrop University in California. A former student and teacher who once loved science and engineering, now has become a poet and author, the founder and designer of the website

Amazing Love and Amazing Grace from God saved her life in 1999 and have cultivated her new life in a new garden of Eden in the past 21 years. From her 17-page English Poem “My Soul Can See” and two books “ Deliver the Urgent Messages for America-The Urgency for U.S. Economic System Reform” and “Build An American ARK-The strategy and method for U.S. Economic Revival”, you may have a glimpse of Ling Ling Shi’s life, a life filled with the goodness from the heaven above.

Ling Ling Shi’s poem and books are available to read and review in the following links:

Besides science and engineering educational and teaching background, from childhood to adulthood, Ling Ling loves music, singing and dancing and received many prizes from local
to national level during her 26-year life in China. During her first 10-year journey in America, Ling Ling never wanted to sing or dance, she buried her joy and talents. Year 2005, she opened her heart and her voice again in a short musical movie written by her: “Father, I hear Your Voice” while she attended the USC Cinema School’s Movie Director course. Now, the God’s given talents in Ling Ling’s life, from writing to teaching, from singing to dancing, from imagination to creation---, they look like Lily flowers blossoming in the field one after another, like fruits growing on the beautiful trees, like birds flying in the blue sky---, and they are all joyfully singing for the Thanksgiving to God and for the goodness of humanity.

As the principal and first teacher of the ARK Academy, starting from the Spring 2022,
Ling Ling Shi will personally teach the following ten classes for the people around the world:

“Holy Bible Time”

---The Education Time for the 66 Books of Holy Bible---

Summer-Autumn 2022, Tuition free, Registration/Class Admission Required)

As a Children Sunday School teacher, Ling Ling Shi loves to share the Word of God with people on the planet of earth.

Class A (for children)     Class B (for adults)

Holy Bible Reading & Handwriting Garden

Heavenly Athele Club

(Summer-Autumn 2022,Tuition free, Registration/Class Admission Required)

Class A (for children)  Class B (for adults)  Class C (for disabled)

Dancing In Heavenly Melody

---A Joyful Dancing Garden for People around the World--

(Summer 2022, Tuition free, Registration/Class Admission Required)

Class A (for general)   Class B (for disabled)

“Follow the Holy Bible to Learn English 跟着圣经学文”

---English Chinese Bilingual Teaching/Instruction---

(Autumn-Winter 2022, Tuition free, Registration/Class Admission Required)

“Follow the Holy Bible to Learn Chinese 跟着圣经学文”

---English Teaching/Instruction---

(Spring 2022, Tuition free, No Registration Required)

Children English Book Reading Club 儿童英文阅读俱乐部

---A Book Reading Garden for Chinese Children K to 5th Grade---

English Chinese Bilingual Instruction

(Autumn-Winter 2022, Tuition free, Registration/Class Admission Required)

Medical Science-Human Body & Health人体医学科学与健康
(Amazing Creation of Human Body)

(Winter 2022, Chinese/English Instruction, Tuition free, Registration Required)

The registration/class admission processing system will be available in July-August 2022,
please stay tuned.

The teaching from Ling Ling Shi will be delightful and meaningful, it will help students to
grow and be nourished in virtue, in knowledge, in wisdom and in spiritual & physical health. More classes will be open to the public in 2023, such as:  Music, Music Instruments, Painting etc. May become your gardens of joy, dream, peace, hope, faith, life, blessing, and love.

To provide an easy and convenient passageway of knowledge and wisdom for people worldwide, the Garden of Education and the Garden of Wisdom of ARK Academy will
basically take a tuition free education.

Ling Ling Shi and welcome you and your family, let us side by side and
hand in hand to enjoy life, to dream together, and to garden our heart with heavenly wisdom and knowledge.



(will be available in July-August 2022)

Enter Learning Gardens

Please Click Here

Follow the Holy Bible to Learn Chinese: is open to public now.

Follow the Holy Bible to Learn English: open in the Autumn-Winter 2022

Holy Bible Time: open in the Summer-Autumn 2022

Holy Bible Reading & Handwriting:open in the Summer-Autumn 2022

Dancing in Heavenly Melody: open in the Summer-Autumn 2022

Children English Book Reading Club: open in the Autumn-Winter 2022

Medical Science-Human Body & Health: open in the Winter 2022


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