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Poem "My Soul Can See"-written and reading by Ling Ling Shi

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***A Vision From Ling Ling Shi***

My Soul Can See

My soul can see:
In USA Capitol, Congress hall,
All USA leaders, they stand together,
their hands touch their hearts,
the tears in their eyes,
the vows come from their hearts,
like a series symbols flying to sky,
the sparking symbols get together,
so strong , so strong, like a strong wind
flying in to a silver,
shining sparking receiver.

My soul can see:
the receiver with a label
---- Earthly No 1 Receiver---
---Property of Heaven---
Oh, once the hearts start to speak,
the sounds become sparking symbols to fly,
the receiver starts to record,
every word, every mind
which come from the leaders' hearts
who are vowing:

"We the people of the United States,
in order to form a more
perfect union,
establish justice,
insure domestic tranquility,
provide for the common defense,
promote the general welfare,
and secure the blessings of liberty,
to ourselves and our posterity,
do ordain and establish
this constitution for the
United States of America"

"I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America,
to republic, for which it stands,
one nation,
under God,
for liberty and justice for all"

my soul can hear:
there is a sound like a wing surrounding

their vowing continuous,
the sparking symbols flying,
the receiver is recording :

"We are the U.S. leaders,
the servants of U.S. citizen,
Once a while,
we separated by parties,
Now, we become one,
one united party
Under God.
We know,
we are ordained by God ,
not to be served,
but to be an honor servant to
God's people.

We know,
we are elected by people,
under God's free will Law,
have the responsibility
to people, and to God

We know,
we are created by God,
we are different,
different race, different gender,
different color, different background,
different talent, different ability,
different responsibility.
God is the Creator,
He created me in His image,
not a robot,
we are different
by His artistic craftsman hands,
He looks at our teamwork,
He will say
'It is good' as what He said when I just be created,
'It is good', 'It is good', 'It is good'

yes, 'It is good'
we do differently,
but, we are whole,
when we stand together, work together
under God.

We know, we ordained by God,
elected by people,
now, we are standing here,
a holy and honored place,
not to do for our own sake,
but for people's sake, for God's sake.
we will be granted by an honored crown by people,
we will be embraced by God's greeting:
Well done, my faithful servant!
yes, He said:
'If you did on the least, you are done for me.'

we start to realize this is the true comfort ,
reward and satisfaction
more than anything else in the world

We know we are brothers and sisters standing here,
a holy and honored place,
a headquarter of the blessing operation,
we need to respect each other,
we need to cheer up each other,
we need to pray for any one's weakness,
we need to support anyone's weakness
to make this leadership body whole.

We know,
from generation to generation,
from pilgrims to 300 million people,
from president to president,
from congress to congress,
we are like a team in the athletic race,
to run the race for the nation,
to lead the race for our people.

we are gradually learned ,
in our team, there are someone may slow,
there are someone may fall,
but, we need see them as God see them,
nothing can make the team strong,
love and encouragement to each other can
make our leadership team whole,
make the nation and people strong,
make our forefather and our dream come true.

we are gradually learned,
nobody is perfect, nobody is a superman,
but, when we love each other, learn from each other,
help each other, join each other,
we may get to be more perfect,
we may run closer and closer to our destiny,
we may finish a superman task,
we may run the race by victory.

we are gradually learned,
we are brothers and sisters in Lord,
when anyone falls or gets sick,
it is just like myself falling and getting sick,
blaming each other,
the team will fall apart,
in the athletic race field,
the stick in our hands may fall,
the next hands may shake,
the race can not be finished.

we know, God is in control,
if we see the people , see the leader
by God's eye, by God's feeling,
we will see,
every generation, every president ,
every leader, every one
has certain legacy left
for the purpose of good,
for God's people
and for God's glory.

we are gradually learned,
once the nation is going to face uncertainness,
but, God knows,
He is always in control for the nation who trusts Him,
He ordained our leaders in the particular time,
to have the strength and wisdom to face the future.
remember, He never loses control.

we are gradually learned,
since we are one body under God.
one part pain, our whole body suffering,
why not , to be an angel to heal the painful part,
let the whole body healthy
in God's eye.

we believe, if we do so,
His satisfaction on our team,
will pour out His blessing from heaven to
our nation , our leader, our people,
we will see His smile over the sky,
we will hear the heavenly rejoice melody,
we will see His stretching hands
from heaven down to earth to
embrace our nation like before.

We know, His blessing only pours upon :
the poor in spirit,
those who mourn,
the meek,
the one who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
those who are merciful,
those pure in heart,
those who are peacemaker,
those who are persecuted because of righteousness.

so, let us hand in hand, side by side ,
to encourage each other,
to unite together ,
send our team prayer to Almighty God
to be ready to receive His truly blessings.

we gradually learned,
we can not forget our nation's root,
our foundation,
our dream,
our purpose,
our destiny,
if we forget, or abandon it,
just like:
we lost our true identity which is who we are,
just like:
we lost our strength,
we lost our blessing,
we lost our true nature meaning,
we may lose all.

through our trial,
through nation's hundreds years history,
through our pain,
we gradually learned,
we are losing the most precious dream
through the deny in truth;
we are losing our best to exchange back
with the vain, vain, vain,
empty, empty, empty.
the darkness is blinding our eyes,
destroying our taste, confusing our value,
forgot who we are,
where we came from,
what should we do here,
where we are heading to----

Oh, God,
this is not right, this is not right,
we even don't know
from where, from when, from which generation
we had been lost.
look at the mess, look at the scars,
this is not what we want,
this is not what we dreamed,
please show the path to us as you see.
we really want our dream back,
we really want our hearts be truly in rest.

Oh, God
we think we are strong, but we are getting weak,
we think we are rich, but we are getting poor,
because we are losing our abundant source ,
that is You, our God
who brought us to this land with dream and faith.

Oh, God
we still remember you told us the old stories,
a prodigal son back to Father's home,
the blind man , be healed,
the leprosy woman, be healed and cleaned,
there are thousands and thousands
old stories reminded us
You are yesterday, today, and tomorrow,
never change.

Oh, God
we remember, you said:
'come to me, all you who are
weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest,
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
for I am gentle and humble in heart,
and you will find rest for your soul,
for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.'

Yes, God
we are tired, your people are tired,
we can not wander and fall
to destruction anymore
please release our burden,
and your people's burden,
they are my brothers, they are my sisters.
if they pain, I am really feeling pain,
if they cry, I am really feeling to cry with them,
oh, I know, my heart tells me,
we are brothers and we are sisters,
we are the one body under God.

Oh, God
You gather us together
in this land with your purpose
because we have same destiny.
as the nation's leaders,
we can not just take care ourselves well,
and leave my brothers and sisters, your people in sorrow,
If I am doing so, thinking so,
I have no rest,
Someday, I can not to see you, my Father,

I will feel shame , real shame,
I will feel sorry, real sorry,
I can not answer your question:
'where is your other brothers and sisters?'
I can not just tell you:
oh, Father, they are sound poor and sick,
I left them in earth.

Oh, God
although we are mess up
with many, many things,
but we know one key Hope message ,
it is not too late to come back to you now,
we don't know
if it is too late to come back to you by tomorrow,
because we don't own the time,
but, at least I know, today is not too late
to ask for forgiveness,
the light, the truth, and the way.

Oh, God
once we stand here, bring our memories
from yesterday to today,
who can deny the dream
which make me ,leads me, strengthens me,
encourages me to stand here is not
planed by you, my God?
who can boastfully stand here to say
this is not the God's favor
for the purpose of people's sake?

Oh, God
we can not forget our dream and the dream maker,
we can not just look for the blessing
and forgot the one who gives us blessing,
that's you, my Father, my God!
we can not just say we are the nation
under God but actual forgot our God,
even can not describe what He looks like.
Oh, God
we don't want to put you in our closet anymore ,
we can not stand to putting you in our closet anymore,
we can not hide you in our secret place,
we cry out to you to hide us under your
almighty wings, your secret place.

If we lock you in our closet,
feel shame to preach your name,
we lock the nation's strength,
we lock the nation's wisdom,
we lock the nation's dream,
we lock the nation's blessing.
we lock the nation's truth,
only your truth can set us free.

Oh, God
we are totally upside down,
why our nation is hiding our true strength,
show the world our substituted strength,
who we want to satisfy?
who we want to please?
how foolish we are, how foolish we are!

Oh, God
did we ignore your reminder and wake up call?
did you treat our foolish attitude by your humor?
if not,
why we sleep so deep , so long?

Oh, God
we know, you are humor,
you are full of Love,
but, also we know you have the nature of wrath,
just like you said:
'As many as I love I rebuke and chasten.'

Oh, God
If we have ever rebellion in your eye,
we want to say sorry, a very deep sorry to you.
please forgive us , please give us second chance,
please give us the truth.

Oh, God
you may say
you have given us so many and so many chances
but, we ignore or pretend never heard,
please give us one more chance,
please save us from perish.
our forefather vowed, we vowed,
we are the nation under God,
we will not deny what we vowed,
we will not show You and the world
double faces.

Oh, God
we don't want the strength
you give to Samson left us just like left him,
since he cut his ordained hair from you
by devil's deceiving,
we will keep the hair You ordained,
we will keep the dream you planed,
please, do not withdraw the strength
you give to Samson from us, please.

Oh, God
not only that,
we want the strength you give to Gideon, give to us,
through that strength,
he conquered thousands and thousands
enemies by 300 soldiers,
our nation is facing thousands and thousands
difficulties now,
every difficulty seems like an enemy
which Gideon faced.

Oh, God
we try to interpret and apply the old story
to our modern time,
we try use science to analyze your almighty work,
but , we realize,
if the human mind can interpret how you did for Gideon,
if the science can figure out what you did on Gideon's case
how can we give the definition of Miracle?
how can we give the definition of Almighty?

The more we try to figure out,
the more we get confused,
because you said:
'without Faith, never please God'

Oh, God
we walk to you now by Faith, by Hope, by Love,
even though you are invisible,
but, we believe, with you
nothing is impossible.
we remember you teaching us about
the Faith of a mustard seed,
with that Faith,
Mountain can be moved, Storm can be stopped,
of course, our nation's crisis
will be conquered

Oh, God
You must heard,
not only the nation's leaders pray to you,
we have beautiful people
who never give up to trust you,
they are praying now
to seek the highest counselor , you, our God.

we can not forget the people
who send us to this position
by their trust and loving heart and expectation,
we can not play our role like playing game,
we have great responsibility to stand here,
we have great dream to fulfill
rather than
the power, fame and money which the world seeks.
We are the God's servant,
God's ambassador,
what great honor.

We know, through our work,
people will enjoy
your original design life for them,
live here like living in heaven.

we know, if only:
I am not in hunger, I am not unclothed,
I am not unsecured,
I am not homeless, I am not lone,
I am not lack, I am not sick,
I am not jobless, I am not in debt,
I am not single mother, I am not single father,
I am not lone elder,
I am not uneducated, I am not helpless,
I am a successful almighty leader of U.S.A.
will become
a lie message,
a false feeling,
a deceiving power,
a destruction,
a departing path from my original design to
be a servant for God and people,
a departing path from my blessing.

Because, we know,
if I earned the whole world, but lose our soul
we lose all.

My soul can see:
the party wears red gown , the gown is falling,
the white gown appears with shining and sparking;
the party wears blue gown, the gown is falling,
the white gown appears with shining and sparking;
the party wear green gown, the gown is falling,
the white gown appears with shining and sparking;
all kinds colorful gown , is falling , is falling,
the white gown appears with shining and sparking
cover the all U.S. congress hall.

My soul can see:
the real joy comes to their face,
the real peace comes to their face
the real dream comes to their face,
the real child smiles , the real child smiles with tears
come to their face.
the chain, the shackles of
the hate, the jealous,
the regret, the sorrow, the unjust, the un-forgiveness ,
the fear, the hiding, the self-centered, the self-ambition,
the self gain, the dark power , the dark controlling,
the dark manipulating, the dark competition,
the dark idolatry,
the dark judgmental, ----- oh,
all kinds dark chains, shackles
are falling and falling ,
disappeared and disappeared from the surface .

My soul can see:
The leaders, they look at each other with a peaceful smile,
they look at each other with tear and joy.

My soul can see:
they are talking to each other :
"we love the U.S.A. nation, the people, and God,
we realize the beautiful dream
draws every one here for purpose;
we realize what's the wonderful combination team
if the team is no pride , no prejudice;
we realized,
if we fight each other within the team
to protect one's life rather than
sacrifice living for other, we may lose our life,
we been called as a servant for each other,
we been called as a giver to the people,
not be greedy receiver.
the royal blood floating in our vein, finalize, finalize,
from inside to our surface.
we hid the most precious treasure,
we ignore our most marvelous earthly task
Oh, we were blind,
now, we can see;
we forgot,
now, we remember
our divine, pointed,
ordained life meaning as a leader,
political law maker and servant
for U.S.A. nation and for the world.

My soul can see:
there are hundreds of beautiful, white doves,
standing on our nation leader's shoulders.
Leaders are exciting,
they are talking to each other:
"look, my brother, there is dove in your shoulder---
Oh, my brother, my eyes can see
there is a dove in your shoulder too"
yes, they find out,
the one standing with a new white gown
all standing there with a dove,
a wisdom counselor and comforter sending
by God.
He answers our leader's prayer
He descends the blessing to our nation.

My soul can see:
our nation's leaders with new white gown,
they be cheering up,
they tearing, they smiling,
they hugging ,they praying
they lift their humble hands towards heaven ,
give thanks to God.

My soul can see:
they became the one of most beautiful children,
their original dream be stirred up,
their faith be lift up,
they have the real confidence
to leading our nation
to run the race,
to cross the final line,
to win the life champion .

Oh, my soul can see,
my soul can hear,
my heart just want to sing and dance
with the joy for the wonderful
U.S.A. leadership union celebrating.


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