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Vision & Causes

“My Soul Can See”
Written by Ling Ling Shi

“My Soul Can See” is a 17-page Message Poem
given to Ling Ling Shi by God 12 years ago,
a poem with the messages of Awakening and Healing,
Unity and Peace for America and the world.

This 17-page poem is a visionary poem that expresses
a prayer of hundreds of U.S. congressmen and congresswomen
praying to God.

May we see this day in America, and see this day soon!

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The two books were written by Ling Ling Shi from national perspectives to discover, study and to solve the present crisis and chaos in America and the world. Ancient wisdoms from the Holy Bible are speaking the truth through these two books regarding America, only the truth can set America free and heal the cancers in America economic and political system.

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