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To purchase, Click the book & ARK Academy Welcomes You!

ARK Academy Opening Ceremony Welcomes You!

Gardening your heart with heavenly wisdom
and knowledge at
ARK Academy Online Learning Gardens

A Miracle is singing, ARK Academy is opening in winter 2023,
A girl's amazing dreams of Building Beautiful Online Learning Gardens
for Worldwide People is fulfilled
by the Amazing Love and Amazing Grace of God!

Poet Ling Ling Shi, the builder and designer of, a Gospel song writer, a girl who wrote over 10,000 prayer letters to God in the past 17 years, the Principal of ARK Academy, welcomes all to ARK! Welcomes all to ARK Academy’s
online Learning Gardens!

Through her 14-year unceasing journey of faithful hard work, a journey filled with trials and afflictions, tears and sorrows, comfort and joy, challenge and encouragement, God’s given vision and His Holy Presence---, now, the gardens
with all kinds of beautiful flowers are ready to greet and embrace all friends!

With her first short musical "I Hear Your Voice" and "Song of Salvation Concert,"
Ling Ling Shi welcomes you, your family, and your friends at ARK Theater, in heavenly music and loving stories, in heavenly dreams and gifts,
Ling Ling Shi is waiting for all to come,
and to embrace freedom, joy, blessing, hope and love!
Come, to Wells ARK! Come, to ARK Academy!

For ARK Academy 2023-2024 Classes, please visit:

Friends, come, come to ARK Academy online gardens to learn and grow,
to run and win, to be blessed and bless others!
Together, we can make the World a better place for all humanity!

Embracing the HOPE with rejoicing tears!

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