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中文 & ARK Academy Welcomes You!

ARK Academy Opening Ceremony Welcomes You!

Gardening your heart with heavenly wisdom and knowledge at
ARK Academy Online Learning Gardens

Poet Ling Ling Shi, a Christian who wrote over 10,000 prayer letters to God in
the past 17 years, the Principal of ARK Academy will teach the following 3 classes:

Dancing In Heavenly Melody
---A Joyful Dancing Garden for People around the World---

Welcome children and adults, disabled and ill people, healthy and unhealthy,
in music, in dance, in praise, in prayer, let’s experience the joyful time
in heavenly love and healing!

(Video Class starts in Summer 2023, Tuition & Class Administration Fee: $30/Month)

Holy Bible Time
---The Education Time for the 66 Books of Holy Bible---

Holy Bible Time is designed and planted for helping and cultivating both children and adults to develop a good daily habit of Holy Bible learning and to live in a Bible-loving lifestyle.

(Video Class starts in Summer 2023, Tuition & Class Administration Fee: $30/Month)

Holy Bible Reading & Handwriting
---Heavenly Athletes Club---

All heavenly Athletes, get a pen and paper ready, let’s Read the Holy Bible and Handwrite the Holy Bible, together, immerse into the ocean of God’s Word.

(Video Class starts in Summer 2023, Tuition & Class Administration Fee:$30/Month)

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Friends, come, come to ARK Academy online gardens to learn and grow,
to run and win, to be blessed and bless others!
Together, we can make the World a better place for all humanity!

Embracing the HOPE with rejoicing tears!

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